THE SUITCASE MURDERER. New historical crime fiction on Kindle now!

The Suitcase Murderer by James Andrew

New release on Kindle. THE SUITCASE MURDERER, a new historical crime fiction title by James Andrew.

James Andrew

When a shop worker is reported missing, the circumstances lead Inspector Blades to launch a murder investigation.

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A man with ‘strange eyes’, struggling with two suitcases, is seen leaving the building where the young woman, Emma Simpson, lived. There is a stain on the drawing room floor. It could be spilled wine, but Inspector Blades fears the worst.

The woman’s ex-lover is brought in for questioning. He is certainly suspicious. And he has a motive. But solving a crime is never that easy.

Indeed, why did Emma’s employer pack up and leave the town? And why does a local newspaper reporter seem to be one step ahead of the police? Where is he getting his information from, and did he play a part in the crime?

The police will have to put the jigsaw together. Crucial will be finding the body. But they are missing certain other pieces – clues that only a wily and motivated detective will be able to discover.

THE SUITCASE MURDERER takes us back 100 years to a Britain slowly recovering from the First World War. A place full of damaged, out of work men, desperate and with little else to lose. Yet also one in which women are beginning to stand up for themselves and demand equal treatment.

This book is a standalone in a series of four whodunnits featuring DI Stephen Blades – a straight-talking copper who has his own doubts about his role in the war.

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If you like a good mystery that keeps you guessing, you’ll love this book!

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