Dublin detective Fiona Moore returns in a new murder mystery that goes International

The China Chapter by David Pearson

A man is found dead after a house fire. Dublin detective Fiona Moore suspects foul play.

THE CHINA CHAPTER a Dublin-based murder mystery by Irish author David Pearson.

David Pearson

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It’s not the charred remains of Tony Phelan that really trouble Dublin law enforcement or the traces of accelerant, so much as the bullet hole in his chest.

When a weapon is recovered at the back of the still-smouldering house, it will be the first clue that the death is connected to China.

And when Phelan is identified as an airport worker, the investigation begins to focus on suspicious goings-on in relation to a regular A300 freight flight from Shanghai.

But pointing the finger at the Chinese is all the rage and maybe detectives have just been led up the garden path. Could the proximity of the victim’s house to prime development land be more relevant?

Someone has clearly sought to gain from Phelan’s death, but the detectives’ job would be easier if they could clarify the motive. Enter a mysterious agent from the US and this case gets enormously tricky for detectives Fiona Moore and Aidan Burke to solve.

THE CHINA CHAPTER is the third book in bestselling Irish author David Pearson’s new crime fiction series, The Dublin Homicides. It can be enjoyed as a standalone but look out for the first two books: A FATAL LIAISON and A DEADLY DIVIDEND.

All of these books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The first two are available now in paperback.

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