Investigator Lucy Hush returns in SAVAGE BAY NIGHTMARE, a thriller by Anna Willett

Savage Bay Nightmare by Anna Willett

We’re excited to announce the latest nail-biting thriller in the Investigator Lucy Hush series by Anna Willett.

Anna Willett

A woman’s life stolen. A man’s life slipping away. And a journalist who wants justice at any cost.

SAVAGE BAY NIGHTMARE, the new thriller by Anna Willett

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When Lucy Hush’s brother is framed for murder, the race is on to find the real culprit.

Tim Hush is a drifter who prefers the solitude of the vast Australian wilderness to human company. But he falls for an attractive woman he meets by chance when camping on a beach.

Soon, however, he will find himself in custody for her murder.Savage Bay NIghtmare by Anna Willett

Knowing that her brother’s mental health is unstable, but equally sure this gentle soul could never harm anyone, investigative journalist Lucy heads to the small coastal town of Savage Bay.

Exonerating her brother will entail piecing together the truth about what happened that one fateful evening when Faith Alison was killed in her home.

Aided by Damon, her dependable boyfriend, Lucy begins to get noticed by the townsfolk. But not all of them will welcome her presence.

Trying to help her brother will put her in danger. Was Lucy right to have such trust in him? And when she does discover the truth, will it be too late to put things right?

SAVAGE BAY NIGHTMARE is the third book by Anna Willett to feature investigative journalist Lucy Hush. It can be enjoyed as a standalone. The other two books, SMALL TOWN NIGHTMARE and COLD VALLEY NIGHTMARE are available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.

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