A brand new psychological thriller by Anna Willett

The Woman Behind Her by Anna Willett

A woman alone. Watched. But by whom, and why?

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When schoolteacher Jackie Winter inherits her beloved aunt’s house, she discovers that her close relative had been keeping a terrible secret.

As Jackie is drawn into her aunt’s past, all that was certain begins to fray. But she is destined to not experience this alone. Someone is watching her every move.

Then there is a murder near the house. A cruel killing. Suddenly Jackie finds herself in the frame.

Trying to keep one step ahead of the police, Jackie turns her attention once more to the past, now certain there’s a link between her aunt’s secrets and the shadowy figure that plagues not only her days but also her nightmares.

THE WOMAN BEHIND HER is a spellbinding psychological thriller that will keep you up all night.

Anna Willett is the author of several thrillers. She explores how strong women react to difficult situations. If you are looking for a page-turner full of suspense, look no further.

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