Out now on Kindle! BRUTAL PURSUIT by Diane Dickson

New crime fiction by Diane Dickson

People don’t warm readily to Detective Tanya Miller. Neither the public nor her colleagues. But good police work and solid ethics have earned her a solid reputation. And she is determined to maintain it.

Two golfers get the fright of their lives when, sheltering from the rain, they come across a dismembered body.

The club is immediately put on shut-down while police interview everyone present. The manager acts suspiciously, but if he was a murderer, why dispose of a body so close to home?

The case lands on DI Tanya Miller’s desk the moment she returns from sick leave. But her attempts to galvanise her team are thwarted with the appearance of a new, ambitious DI who seems set on undermining her efforts.

It is not long before other body parts are found. This time in a lake. Is this coincidence or the work of a serial killer?
Will the new DI discover the truth to the case before Tanya? Or will experience win out in the end?

BRUTAL PURSUIT is a richly-woven whodunnit full of twists and turns. If you like crime fiction that keeps you guessing, you’ll love this book.

This is the third DI Tanya Miller murder mystery. Look out for the other two books, BROKEN ANGEL and BURNING GREED, both available FREE with Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

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