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A baffled detective, a slick drifter with a blade, and a princess taken by storm…

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Scottish detective James Munro faces his hardest case yet in TERMINUS, the fifth book in the murder mystery series by Pete Brassett set in Ayrshire.

A new fast-paced crime thriller by Lou Holly, RAZORBACK, introduces Vint – a man who bites off more than he can chew when he turns up in a lawless backwater.

In the historical romance, THE CORNISH PRINCESS, war and rivalry are rife in Uther Pendragon’s young kingdom. The beautiful Igraine is stuck in the middle.

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We are busy working on John Dean’s new series of detective novels featuring detective John Blizzard. If you wish to read the first book pre-publication, simply write to: and we will tell you more.


More battered and bruised than an Atlantic cod, James Munro is eager to find the driver of a white VW Golf who ran him over, but, slippier than an eel in a bath of baby oil, the culprit is always one step ahead.
When the death of a crucial witness turns it into a murder investigation, will Munro have to admit defeat?Available to buy now: £0.99 / $0.99 / €0.99

Is it the end of the line for Detective Inspector Munro?

The King of Britain is dead, without a male heir. The politics of her country never mattered much to Igraine, until they threaten to rob her of her home, Tintagel castle. When the wizard Merlin says her destiny will make her queen, a defiant Igraine refuses an offer of marriage from Uther, a rough soldier and unlikely pretender for the throne.

Available to buy now: £0.99 / $0.99 / €0.99


When a drifter turns up in a small Arkansas town he gets into a fight with some crooks, leaving one of them dead. He decides to hang around when he hears of a lucrative heist, yet finds himself in a nest of vipers – the family of the victim are after him and he has no one he can trust.

Available to buy now: £1.99 / $2.99 / €2.99


When a foreign worker casually admits to the murder of a local businessman, detectives in a small Scottish town guess that the victim’s violent death points to a more complex cause. Money appears to be a motive, but will anyone believe that they might be in fact dealing with a crime of passion?

£0.99p in the UK. $2.99 in the US.


Feeling increasing trapped in Camelot, Guinevere finds solace in Lancelot and their illicit affair blossoms. But gossip grows in Arthur’s court and only by accepting the quest for the Holy Grail can Lancelot place himself above suspicion. But in his absence will Guinevere survive the increasing danger she finds herself in from all around her, and will Arthur’s love be enough to save her from harm?

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