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kindle thriller author Cole Jackson

An in-house interview with thriller author Cole Jackson

TBF: Hi Cole, the time has come round for the in-house author interview. Are you full of festive cheer?
CJ: Hello to you and your readers. As for Christmas – Bah humbug! Just kidding. I enjoy taking the time to slow down and appreciate the things I have at this time of year. My only pet hate is carol singers. They seem to expect something for two lines of jingle bells. I need to hear two verses and a chorus before we even approach the subject of money.

TBF: What compels you to write such high octane fiction?
CJ: My first book began as nothing more than ‘a girl in a kitchen’. Everything else came to me as I was writing, including my protagonist. Because I was writing for myself, rather than having a notion of publishing the book for others to read, the pace and intensity of the story was there to keep me interested. However, once John Marshall was born, I soon realised that ‘fast’ and ‘hard-hitting’ is his only speed, and therefore – the only speed for the books.

TBF: Which other authors do you admire?
CJ: I admire any author who has managed to finish a novel, as it is harder than anyone thinks. A few of my favourites though, are: Jeffrey Deaver, Stephen King, Chris Ryan; early Lee Child. I find their story-telling to be compelling, and gripping.

TBF: In your books the rapport between the main character John Marshall and his brother is very humorous and credible. Do you draw on strong bonds from your personal experience?
CJ: Yes, but not necessarily with regards to family in the literal sense. I have found that terms like: ‘brotherhood’ and ‘family’ can apply to any group of close and trusted people. This means that with a little humour to keep you grounded, together, you can achieve anything.

TBF: There is a cinematic hyper-realism to your fiction, how much of your writing is influenced by film?
CJ: Honestly, none. However, in my opinion, a novel has to project a film-like image into the reader’s mind. I try to achieve that in my writing to give a real feel of involvement.

Endgame - The last in the TERRITORIES trilogy by cole Jackson

Endgame – The last in the TERRITORIES trilogy by cole Jackson

TBF: What are you reading at the moment. Honestly!
CJ: I am currently re-reading ‘Moby Dick’ by Herman Melville, whilst reading ‘Death is the new black’ by Dominic Piper.

TBF: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in life that has helped in some way with writing a successful novel?
CJ: About 15 years ago I nearly died from complications following Meningitis. It was touch and go for a while, and a long road to recovery. Relatively speaking, when compared to that time of my life, difficult tasks seem far more achievable.

TBF: This interview is well-timed because there is an Xmas theme in your recently published novel ENDGAME. Come on, admit it, you’re a softie at heart
CJ: Was it the bells on my shoes that gave me away? Yes, okay, you got me. Just like any other normal person – Christmas turns me into a big kid. I shall be making sure everyone gets spoiled!

TBF: What do you have in store for readers in 2016?
CJ: I will be mostly finishing the next book in the John Marshall series. Readers can expect more action and suspense, with a psychological theme. Also, a sadistic antagonist that could be the brothers’ toughest challenge yet!

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