Latest release!

New Scottish crime fiction

By Robert McNeill

A dodgy financial advisor is found dead. And DI Knox finds himself confronting his biggest challenge yet.

99p/99c for launch!
Noughts and Crosses by Robert McNeill-tt
New Irish detective fiction

DSI Hays and DI Lyons return in a new murder mystery

By David Pearson

A body found at sea, a bootleg liquor operation and detectives on a murder trail.

Just 99p/99c for launch!
Murder in a Safe Haven by David Pearson
New Welsh detective fiction!

Old wounds open when a toddler is kidnapped

By Cheryl Rees-Price

DI Winter Meadows returns to solve a troubling mystery, which has unsettled a town, and driven others to crime.

Just 99p/99c for launch!
Suffer the Children by Cheryl Rees-Price
A new crime thriller on Kindle

What lines would you cross to get justice?

By Denver Murphy

DC Ruby Knight risks destroying community relations when she investigates the killing of a rapist.

Just 99p/99c for launch
borderline by denver murphy
Two frighteningly good short horror stories

It lurks in the dark. The Beast could be anywhere...

By Anna Willett

Two short horror stories about people who end up in places they really shouldn’t be… Don’t go into the cellar!

Just 99p/99c for launch!
Beast by Anna Willett
Latest release!

Migrants in the Channel, bodies on the shore

By Candy Denman

A police doctor won’t let an anomaly in her findings get brushed aside

99p/99c for launch!
vital signs by Candy Denman
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