Murder on the Saanich Peninsula – an ethereal murder mystery set in Canada by Kathy Garthwaite

Murder on the Saanich Peninsula

Kathy Garthwaite’s writing style perfectly matches the setting for her books. There is a dreamy, almost ethereal tone that conjures up the majesty of the landscape of Vancouver Island and its relative isolation. The detectives too approach matters somewhat askance, patiently exploring the conundrum of a death on the coastline, probing the evidence and their […]

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Find out what is BENEATH THE SURFACE in this tantalising new crime thriller

Beneath the Surface by Denver Murphy

A mysterious dalliance, an apparent suicide, and a female detective who shouldn’t be underestimated. *** BENEATH THE SURFACE, a DC Ruby Knight crime thriller by Denver Murphy *** A teenage boy is found hanged in a secluded area of parkland. A consensus quickly emerges within the police that it is a tragic case of suicide. […]

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Introducing a brand new murder mystery series set in Leeds by new-signing Ray Clark

Impurity, a murder mystery by Ray Clark

Introducing the first book in a gripping murder mystery series by new signing, Ray Clark. *** IMPURITY, out now on Kindle for just 99p/99c. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. *** A murder with no weapon or motive. A detective on edge. A community that wants answers. Amazon UK: Amazon US: One fateful night when […]

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